Enabling You To Learn, Play and Compete with Video Games


EOB Academy is the UK's first Esports Academy and Video Games Centre, helping young people get to the next level by sharing video game skills. Based in Letchworth North Hertfordshire, Carshalton London and lunching Bracknell Berkshire (early 2021).

What is the EOB Academy?

We take students at every level, teaching them transferable skills such as coding, 3D modeling and understanding complex software tools through our Level 1, 2 and 3 courses.. This builds confidence and engages the hardest to reach with amazing results.

Why did we Set Up The EOB Academy?

Enabling You To Learn, Play and Compete with Video Games: Capable young people can fall through the cracks in the education system. As a result, they lack confidence and can become disenfranchised. We see video game design as a fantastic way of engaging with young people, allowing them to find their passion, confidence and skills, as well as of course gaining a qualification.

How do we do it?

We work with video games to help young people learn technical skills. They also find their team through competitive video gaming. This helps them become confident citizens - in turn moving to the next level. It works.

We have found that creating a comfortable working atmosphere gives the best results, especially when like-minded gamers are together in a room sharing ideas.

We encourage discussion as we find that students who have a common interest such as gaming or game design tend to work together as a team and are more cohesive, which in turn helps better their communication skills.

Esports at the EOB Academy:

Esports enrichment plays a huge part in our students finding their team and their own competitiveness and confidence through gaming and our aim is to roll out more esports tournaments in the future.

We as an Academy work closely with our local partners and stakeholders to provide progression for our students and we are in the process of developing relationships with leading worldwide video game developers and designers, which will bolster our provision and provide an even better experience for our students, as well as progression routes post-course.

This is achieved via three main strands of EOB Academy provision from our centre in Letchworth and Carshalton, as well as an online package which is available for Alternative Provision in schools:

The Hero's Journey 1 - 3 year study programmes: Passion is more important than grades. A Game Design, video gaming and positive attitude study programme for 16-18-year olds that removes traditionally restrictive barriers to entry. (16 to 18 year olds, up to 24 if student holds an Education, Health & Care Plan). This also gives the student the opportunity to level-up their English & Maths qualifications. We currently deliver the Hero’s Journey in partnership with Sutton and District Training.

Side Quest Alternative Provision - 1-2 Days per week (Term Time). Using video games as a vehicle to engage young people to discover their technical abilities. (13 to 16 year olds) - Available as an online package and ideal for homeschooled young people.

Minigame Short Online Courses: Ignition & Achievement. Providing a structure and connecting young people through courses where all participants are guaranteed to develop a video game in one week & compete in a video game competition with their online classmates - building confidence and conversations. We currently deliver these in partnership with the Prince’s Trust.

An EOB Academy Student Story:

Matthew Manning, who was once a student at EOB and is now on a paid internship with us as a Learning Support Assistant, reflects on his journey -

“Before I came to EOB I was doing an IT course at a different college and was honestly struggling. The Special Educational Needs officer at that college suggested a visit to EOB. In less than a month I had jumped ship and started the Level 2 Game Design course. As a student at EOB I felt comfortable, had adequate help and the atmosphere overall meant I could have fun learning a subject I’m interested in as I’ve always been into games and was overjoyed to be learning more about them.

After I finished my course as a student I applied to do an internship with EOB and now work as a Learning Support Assistant as I enjoyed the course so much. Currently my favorite part about EOB Academy is that the classes are no bigger than 15 students, which is a very chilled environment, making socialising easier.

In the Future I’ll probably aim to become a Lead Tutor for EOB as the Academy is still growing and would benefit from more staff allowing the Academy to expand to more areas of the country.”