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EOB - About


EOB Academy is a place where you can explore and build video games alongside like-minded peers and incredible tutors.


An Academy that offers small class sizes creating video games.


Young people from all backgrounds working together to push each other to the next level.

The Content

Video game creation, 3D character design, industry masterclasses.

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EOB Academy & The Cohort

If you love video games there is a place for you here.

EOB Academy give young people access to learn about video game creation from fantastic tutors in great environments - be it online through Discord or at one of our physical locations in Bracknell or Letchworth.

Our courses have an open door policy to EHCP students. We also offer English and Maths as part of our full-time course and have many ‘Life Skills and Enrichment’ classes to help confidence building.

We are offering a unique opportunity to support people that think differently using video game design to build futures. We have small cohorts and a great environment to work in. We support students with both accredited education and social opportunities with like minded peers.

We teach students how to create video games and navigate around industry standard software. We cover - 2D design / 3D Design / Pixel Art / Level Design / Website & Portfolio Creation. Positive student results have meant that we continue to grow, and we have excelled engagement through both our physical venue sessions and tutor lead remote session.

Learn from industry experienced tutors. Remote working packages available. EOB Academy has been providing successful and engaging packages of education, igniting the passion for learning to young people both pre-16 and post 16. Each person on our course will create their own video game, from the storyboarding of the game, through to level design and then publishing it for peers to enjoy.

The EOB Academy Provides:

Controller Hand

If you love video games and esports, there is a place for you here.

Enemy Of Boredom Academy is a place for young people to come and feel comfortable while learning together and learning from each other, using video gaming and esports to build futures.

It’s a place where ideas are shared, and individuals can explore their passions with the support of trainers and industry professionals.

- Steve Godwin, Creator of the Enemy of Boredom Academy.