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Enemy Of Boredom Academy a place of learning for young people that think differently. Creative education for the neurodiverse.

Every human on the planet absorbs information in different ways, so it makes perfect sense to have different schooling environments teaching in a variety of ways. Despite the best efforts of teachers nationwide, traditional schools with large class sizes find it hugely challenging to provide for an increasing breadth of learning preferences in the population.


We exist to support each student’s happiness, mental well-being, potential and confidence.


We are unified in our mission to deliver an inspirational place of learning to SEN students.


To deliver a curriculum using teaching methods that would engage, inspire and ultimately help as many SEN and Alternative learning students feel accepted and reach their potential world-wide.

Full Time & Short Courses

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See the course listing below and find the perfect course at the right level and follow your passion at EOB. We offer Full-time and Short Courses.

The Hero's Journey - Letchworth
Sept 2022

The Hero's Journey - Letchworth

Join us for your 'Video Game Design Study Programme' college experience and be welcomed by great tutors in a smaller open-plan classroom setting. We offer Level 1, 2 and 3 video game design experiences at Enemy Of Boredom.

The Hero's Journey - FE Course
Side Quest - Bracknell and Letchworth

Side Quest - Bracknell and Letchworth

Alternative Schools or College Pathway Video Game Design Courses Join us for 1, 2 or 3 days per week / Gain a level 1, 2 or 3 qualification or just learn new skills / Learn from technical tutors / Remote working available / Home-working packages are available.

Side Quest - Alternative Schools Pathway

Gaming industry roles

Industry Brakedown

There are many gaming career options to choose from, both on the technical and creative sides of the field.

If you have the commitment, skills and drive to immerse yourself in the world of video games, the possibilities are endless.

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