Looking to create your own video game - get in touch.

We work with video games to help you learn technical skills; you also find your team through competitive video gaming - This helps you become a more confident citizen - In turn moving you to the next level.

Full-time and Short Courses Available:

The Hero's Journey (College Courses)
1 - 3 year study programmes:
A Game Design, video gaming and positive attitude study programme for 16-18-year olds that removes traditionally restrictive barriers to entry.

Side Quest (Alternative Schools Courses)
Alternative Provision (AP): - 1-2 Days/Week (Term Time).
Using video games as a vehicle to engage young people to discover their technical abililites.

Minigame (Online Courses)
Short Courses: Ignition & Achievement.
Providing a structure and connecting young people through courses where all participants are guaranteed to develop a video game in one week & compete in a video game competition with their online classmates - building confidence and conversations.

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