Since We Last Posted


It has been a while since we last posted anything via our blog (July 27, 2018 ) and things have moved forward → a new sign for our Watford centre (as you can see in the photo), also, new partnerships and new staff.

To recap what we are:

The EOB Esports Academy is a place for people (students) with an obsession with esports and video games to come together to create grassroots esports teams, build their brand and play in their teams at our EOB Esports events, students showcase video games that were created on our courses at these events too.

EOB Esports Academy is also championing family relationship strengthening through video gaming and esports coaching to build stronger and more confident young people.

Where the EOB Academy's are located:

We have a centre in Watford, one in Carshalton and one in Sutton and we are expanding and have plans to open two more centres in 2019 (more to follow soon, but roughly will be in the areas you can see in the above map) – we also popped up in Peterborough & Croydon working with our friends at the Prince’s Trust, that brings us to partnerships →


Prince’s Trust

(Above – EOB Esports Academy trip with Prince’s Trust students to visit our friends Double Me at the V&A Museum London).

We have been working with the Prince’s Trust for 2 years now, they in-fact funded our pilot programme as they believed in the EOB Esports Academy from its conception (smart cookies).

We have strengthened this partnership and there will be more announcements about our work with the Prince’s Trust coming soon (a little snippet – permanent centre opening which will run future technology sessions and new indie video game release events)…


(Above photo was taken after a meeting with Jake at Autistica, had a great meeting to plan future video gaming events and cement our new partnership).

We are now working to highlight the work of autistic people in the video games industry alongside our friends at Autistica.

We were partners on the ‘Autism and games industry’ event at the BFI this happened after meeting with Emma and Jake from Autistica and we worked out we share common goals to help young people gain more access to the video games & esports industry. 

Now we are planning some very super hot events and masterclasses for young people and families to learn about the world of video games and career opportunities + new video gaming events!

Sutton District Training

(Above photo was taken at our Carshalton centre – click to see courses).

We have also made friends with Sutton District Training – these folks saw the potential in what the EOB Esports Academy were doing and invited us to be a part of their college.

We now run free courses for 16-18 years olds – please spread the word! We are exploring new towns and cities across the UK to launch new EOB training Centres.


Katherine, Lara and Mark at Springboard wanted to create programmes with EOB Esports Academy and we all worked hard to get something up and running to help their students learn about the esports business through the creation of esports teams.

These courses will be running through until 2020.

The EOB Esports Academy team grows as do our values & campaigns

(Above photo was taken after a meeting at No10 to talk about how positive video games and esports can be to help young people progress – Syd on the left and Steve on the right).

Our team is growing with more expert trainers & some fantastic advisers and commercial leaders from the esports and video games industry.

If you’re in or near the below areas and interested in what we do give us a shout:


Email Here